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Release date: January 12th 2011

Dice Hockey

Dice Hockey (iOS)



“Final match of the Playoffs. Game 7. Overtime. Your team just called a time out and you’re ready to set up a power play. You know that this could be the chance of your life, the thin line that divides the glory from the delusion, the triumph from the defeat. The fans are singing your name but you can’t hear them because you’re too focused and you can only hear your heart beating. You’re slowly reaching the face off circle, you’re crossing the stick with your opponent and you’re ready to… roll the dice!”


This is just one of the many game situations that you can live playing “Dice Hockey”, an intriguing ice hockey game with revolutionary rules.


The game is very simple: it is a classic ice hockey game played in shifts, like a chess game. In fact, the surface of the ice rink is divided into boxes, just like a chess board. Each player has two dice and, with the result of the throw, get their respective moves. Then you can use the moves you have to perform certain tasks with your players on the ice.


A mix of tactics and luck that will test your ability to handle various situations and experiencing the thrill of playing an ice hockey game. Of course you have to score more goals than your adversary to win the game.



• Play a single game against the computer or play a multi-player game against a friend.

• Play the playoffs and try to win the Cup.

• Includes 22 national teams from around the World.

• Officially licensed: includes all Swiss National League teams.

• Facebook connect feature: share your stats with your friends.

• Game compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

• Multitasking.

• Game available in English, French, German and Italian.        


Are you ready to take the challenge? So what are you waiting for? Wear your skates, lace your helmet, grabs a stick and prepare yourself to... roll the dice: who would have thought that with a double 6 you could win a championship?!

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