Eselmir and the five magical gifts

Release date: January 12th 2018

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Eselmir and the five magical gifts




Eselmir and the five magical gifts is a 2D point and click adventure game inspired by the old classics of the genre. It tells the story of Eselmir and his journey to find the five magical lost gifts of King Theoson, leading the player to explore an imaginary world studied in every detail. An atypical and elegant fantasy made up of stories within the story, one enclosed in the other.




  • An engaging 2D point and click adventure game entangled with puzzles and mysticism, breathtaking landscapes and picturesque characters.

  • It is an original blend of fairy tales, inspired by ancient mythology and medieval folklore.

  • It explores an entire continent with countless and flourishing civilizations including magical items and enchanted charming places.

  • A Narratively-rich 2D point and click adventure game filled with brillant dialogues, mystery and magic.

  • Dozens and dozens of puzzles and many inventory objects to collect and interact with.

  • Over 170 hand-illustrated and digitally colored backgrounds, 140+ characters and 15+ hours of gameplay.

  • Original soundtrack specifically composed for the game.

  • 40 challenging in-game achievements and several collectibles to find.




In a vast fantasy world ruled by powerful deities and ancient spells, where people build flourishing cities, great monuments thrive and nature is inhabited by fairies and mysterious creatures, the extraordinary story of Eselmir takes place.

Eselmir, a priest devoted to the Goddess of Time, belongs to the ancient Pirin race, demigod descendants of a fairy and a mortal who live on the highest mountains in the east. One night, Eselmir receives a mission from his Goddess that could change the fate of many: to find the five lost gifts of King Theoson, progenitor of the Pirin civilization, who upon his death was buried together with his treasures in a secret place whose grave was never found again.


The Pirin Saga

The concept of the game was inspired and based on texts and drawings of a young talented Swiss writer, Sebastiano B. Brocchi who wrote a new elegant fantasy saga called "Pirin." The game is set in his own created universe. The hand made drawings are easily recognizable with a strong personality, are of the same style used to illustrate the book made by Brocchi itself.



Genre: Point and click adventure, 2D, fantasy
Developer: Stelex Software
Subtitles: English, Italian
Voiceover (cutscenes only): English, Italian




"Eselmir is the One Thousand and One Nights of video games!"
8/10 – Game Legends


"A solid graphic adventure to kick off 2018!"
83/100 – RPGFan


"It was impossible not to love this graphic adventure: the superb style with which the story and dialogues are written simply enthralled me!"

The Indie Toaster


"One of the most beautiful and compelling graphic adventure ever created by an indie studio!"

4.5/5 – Project Nerd