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NHL 94 - Swiss Edition

"NHL 94 - Swiss Edition" is a modified version of the original NHL 94 for the Sega Mega Drive that allows you to play the Swiss National League Championship with all the 12 Swiss Teams.

Genre: Sport, ROM-Hack
Created by: Stelex Software

Language: English
Platforms: SEGA Mega Drive, PC (Emulator)

How to play: In order to play this game on your computer you need a Sega Mega Drive Emulator (for example, Gens). To play it on the original console use an Everdrive MD cartridge.

Disclaimer: This mod is a tribute to one of the best hockey game of all time: NHL94. There is nothing for profit on this mod, and there are no intentions to create any negative feedback. If you find something on this site offensive, or inaccurate, please contact us so that we can address the issue. EA Sports owes all NHL 94 rights. NHL 94 was developed in 1993 by High Score Productions and published by Electronic Arts, Inc. All the National League Swiss Team logos are used without permission. National League logo and RSI LA 2 logo used without permission. Swiss Ice Hockey is not involved in this project. Older versions are not available.

Copia di NHL 94 - Swiss National League 2015-2016 (v15_001.jpg
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