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About us


Stelex Software was born in 2004 from the passion of two boys from Vallemaggia (a small Valley in the south of Switzerland): Stefano Maccarinelli and Alex Quanchi. Simple lovers of video games, not professionals and initially without any specific knowledge in the video game field, who in their free time enjoyed developing small games at an amateur level. Without a lucrative purpose and without wanting to teach anything to anyone, driven with the simple desire to have fun, to learn, to experiment, and be content to cover the few expenses incurred.

In 2012 Stelex Software was taken over by Stefano Maccarinelli (co-founder and current co-owner) and his wife Tania Maccarinelli (co-owner and 3D Environmental Artist), who made a complete restyling by making it become a full-fledged company, adding more professionalism and expanding the services.

Stelex Software prides itself on offering original products, often niche; deviating from mass productions, but "with a soul" and full of passion. In a world where everyone is shouting, we like to whisper.


In 2021 Stelex Software won at Swiss Game Awards, Switzerland's most prestigious accolade rewarding excellence on Swiss soil.

Stefano Maccarinelli

Co-founder and co-owner of the company. Since 2016 he is member of the board of SGDA (Swiss Game Developers Association).

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Tania Maccarinelli

Co-owner, art director and 3D Environmental Artist for the company, handling graphics products Stelex Software since 2010 and taking care of collaborations with third parties for the creation of video games, animations and advertising.

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