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Monorail Stories FINALIST at the Digital Dragons's 2021 Indie Celebration Competition

Indie Celebration is an online event which was held by Digital Dragons for the first time in 2020 during the pandemic crisis. It is an opportunity for indie developers to promote their games at this difficult time when numerous events and conferences get cancelled.

First edition took place on May 13-15, 2020 on Steam with 50 selected games, half of which have showcased a playable demos. The event provided promotion of the indie games among customers. Media coverage reaches to 1.5 million people. Best Indie Games winners were Ghostrunner (One More Level, Poland), The Riftbreakers (EXOR Studios, Poland), Stoneshard (Ink Stains Games, Russia.) The Community Vote winner was Last Oasis (Donkey Crew, Poland.)

Indie Celebration is back in 2021 with co-organizers DevGAMM and Reboot. This year’s edition takes place May 13-14, 2021!

Indie Showcase presents independent developers with a unique opportunity to present their games to a selected audience of industry peers, veterans, and experts, and to win a prestigious awards. It’s here that the unbound creativity of the young, passionate developers gets to meet and naturally mingle with the experience of games industry veterans from all over the world. Indie Showcase is more than just an exhibition of dozens of independent titles – it’s also a networking platform removing the distance between the developer, local and global gaming media, investors, and publishers. The Best Indie Game Award competition taking place at Digital Dragons is an opportunity to collect valuable feedback on your game from the judges and hundreds of attendees alike. The award itself can prove to be a skeleton key opening many doors in the most dynamic of modern industries. Taking part in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase became a milestones on the way to success for many a independent developers. Become one of them!

Remember that you can already wishlist the game on Steam to get informed once it is done.

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