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Swiss Games sale on Steam

In celebration of the anniversary of the founding of Switzerland on August 1st, check out this week-long sale on a selection of over 50 titles from Swiss game developers! The spectrum is very broad, highlighting well known games such as the «Farming Simulator» and «Transport Fever» series as well as small, experimental indie games and everything in-between.

Design and command a flotilla of airships in intense aerial combat with «Airships: Conquer the Skies, morph and shoot your way through frantic arena combat to become the biggest robot around in «Morphies Law: Remorphed», or build up your own aquarium in «Fishery». From «Slime-san»‘s bouncy and slimy platforming to «Unrailed»‘s chaotic co-op rail-laying hijinks, «AIRHEART – Tales of broken Wings’» dieselpunk air combat and many more, there’s something for everybody to enjoy!

We are excited to announce that Eselmir and Monorail Stories will be part of the list.

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