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I Misteri di Maggia

"I Misteri di Maggia – Il Tesoro dei Templari" is an exciting "point and click" adventure game in first-person (Myst style), set in the small village of Maggia (Ticino, Switzerland), completely amateur developed in 2004.

Genre: Adventure, Point and click, Myst-like, Amateur, Freeware
Developer: Stelex Software
Release Date: September 27 2004
Platforms: PC (Freeware)
Languages: Italian

Fan made translations patch:  Portuguese, English

Note: We no longer offer any technical support for the game!

"According to legend, Knights of the Order of the Templars hid a huge treasure in a place considered sacred by them. After many centuries, these treasures are waiting to be discovered ..."

Are you ready to venture through the streets of Maggia to find the fabulous lost loot? In your investigation you have to find clues, to solve any kind of puzzles, collect items and interact with the surrounding environment. 



And last but not least: the video game has always been... absolutely free! You have got it: we decided to distribute our very first amatorial game in the freeware format because our main goal was to have fun, to entertain and at the same time to promote the village of Maggia and to preserve a memory of the past for the future generations: a picture of our times. 
What are you waiting for? Let the treasure hunt begin!


  • Maggia and all its alleys in more than 2,500 photographs 

  • Original and creative riddles.

  • More than 15 hours of actual play. 

  • Suitable for all ages.

  • Instruction manual and solution included. 

  • Interactive map.

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