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Monorail Stories

Release date (PC): September 30th, 2022
Release date (Nintendo Switch): Q4 2022

Monorail Stories




Monorail Stories is a minimalistic adventure game that is more about choices and interactions than mind-bending puzzles. Ordinary people in extraordinary, everyday stories about commuting, human relations and destiny waiting to be told.

Silvie and Ahmal travel each day on the same Monorail, but at different times and opposite directions. They will meet different people and make different choices, but they don’t know they are sharing a common story.

Please get on board, enjoy this unique world and try to discover all the possible endings.


  • A Monorail!

  • Two playable characters

  • Multiple endings

  • Asynchronous multiplayer mode

  • Twitch integration

  • Season story mode

  • A unique cast of travelers (and their stories)

  • A deep and suggestive world

  • Charming pixel-art graphics

  • A groovy indie soundtrack

  • Lots of cats

  • A Monorail! (did we already say it?)

Available now on Steam and Epic Game Store

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