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Monorail Stories

Monorail Stories is an adventure game focusing on extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. Board the monorail and experience a special story about humanity, friendships, and intertwined destinies manifesting during the everyday commute.

Genre: Casual, Adventure, Narrative, Indie
Developer: Stelex Software
Publisher: Freedom Games
Release Date: September 30 2022 (Steam, Epic Game Store), March 15 2023 (GOG), March 23 2023 (Nintendo Switch)
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC
Languages: English (Voiceover and Subtitles), French (Subtitles), German (Subtitles), Italian (Subtitles)

Other resources: Press kit, Discord

Good morning and welcome to the Monorail Transit System connecting the Cities of M and L. This spectacular feat of engineering allows thousands to commute between the Cities each day and mingle with each other. Every day a hundred new stories are born in the cars running on the track suspended above the Bay. Every day extraordinary things happen to ordinary people. This is their story.

Silvie and Ahmal, from the City of M and the City of L. Two people who don't know each other, but still affect each other's lives through the monorail they share each day. They commute between the cities each day at different times. Each day they choose who to talk to on the monorail, how to treat their fellow commuters, and what to do as the monorail makes its run over the Bay. Each day is a new chapter in their shared story, one you can write on your own or with a friend, through an asynchronous multiplayer mode.



As you take control of Ahmal and Silvie each day, you'll meet dozens of people during the commute. How you choose to interact with them is up to you. The choices you make on the monorail affect their stories - or rather, the shared story they inhabit and you create with every decision and every interaction, leading to one of the multiple endings for Ahmal and Silvie.

As the Monorail Stories unfold, so does the tale of the two cities linked by the track. The two city-states face upheaval and uncertainty, just like the people who pass between them on the monorail each day. Their destinies may very well be decided not by what the people do, but by how they treat one another. Or rather, how you decide they treat one another. Control Ahmal and Silvie in single player, or find a friend and experience the non-linear story through the asynchronous multiplayer mode. Explore each city’s monorail station as you await for the monorail, each with its own interactions and secrets.


  • ​A Monorail!

  • Two playable characters

  • Multiple endings

  • Asynchronous multiplayer mode

  • Twitch integration

  • A unique cast of travelers (and their stories)

  • A deep and suggestive world

  • Charming pixel-art graphics

  • A groovy indie soundtrack

  • Lots of cats

  • A Monorail! (did we already say it?

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