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Al Stradon
6673 Maggia TI


Founding date
August 29th, 2007




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I Misteri di Maggia (2004)
Dice Hockey (2011)
Eselmir and the five magical gifts (2018)
Feel Me, Hear Me... (TBA)

Monorail Stories (TBA)





Stelex Software is a small indie game studio located in Switzerland with a focus on storytelling.



Stelex Software was founded in 2004 by two boys from Maggia Valley (Stefano Maccarinelli and Alex Quanchi) as a small independent and amatorial swiss-italian software house. The Ltd. was founded in 2007, shared by some amateurs who loved video games, enjoying games development in their spare time, without any ambitions for teaching or profit making: just covering the cost, wanting to have fun and to entertain people.

In December of 2012 the company was taken over by Stefano Maccarinelli (founder and current co-owner) and his wife Tania Maccarinelli (co-owner and General 3D Artist for Stelex Software itself). They completely redesign the company, expanding the services and adding to their creations further professionalism.

Stelex Software is proud to offer original, niche products, "with a soul", different from the mass, not fearing the competition of big productions.

Among the creations, the free video game "I Misteri di Maggia – Il Tesoro dei Templari" (released only in Italian for Windows PC in 2004) received great acclaim from audience and critics alike.

2010 began with a new challenge: "Dice Hockey", an original game for iOS dedicated to ice hockey which has received the official license from the National League (the main professional ice hockey league in Switzerland).

In 2013 Stelex Software started an interesting collaboration with the writer Sebastiano B. Brocchi for the production of "Eselmir and the five magical gifts", a video game based on a fantasy saga and the drawings of the writer himself. The game was published in 2008 and was nominated for the "Best Writing, Drama" at the Aggie Awards 2018, the "Oscars of the point and click adventure games".

Currently Stelex Software is working on "Monorial Stories".




Stefano Maccarinelli

Founder and co-owner of the company is responsible for game design, story telling, planning and management of public relations. Since 2016 he is member of the board of SGDA (Swiss Game Developers Association).







Tania Maccarinelli

Co-owner and General 3D Artist for the company, handling graphics products Stelex Software since 2010 (and possible collaborations with third parties) for the creation of animations, video games and advertising.






Documentary - How to develop a videogame

2017 (RSI LA 1, Swiss national TV)

YouTube / Direct download (.mp4)

Interview - Project Nerd

2016, Milan Games Week

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Interview - Game Legends

2016, Milan Games Week

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Release of Dice Hockey

2011 (RSI LA 1, Swiss national TV)

YouTube / Direct download (.mp4)

Release of I Misteri di Maggia

2004 (TSI 2, Swiss national TV)

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